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Get Sensitive, Effective Counsel After An Accidental Death In The Family

The aftermath of a fatal accident has all the normal aspects of shock, grief and loss associated with a death in the family. In addition, there are critical questions to ask, such as:

  • “Why did this happen?”
  • “Was someone negligent, causing this accidental death?”
  • “How will we pay final medical expenses?”
  • “How will we live without this person’s financial, practical and nurturing contributions to the family?”

Finding closure through answers to the “why” question is one reason many people turn to a wrongful death lawyer. Getting monetary support is another motivator, and an understandable one, considering the great impact that a sudden death can have on a family. Do you qualify to bring a wrongful death claim or lawsuit after your spouse, parent or child died in a car accident or after a workplace injury? Let Law Offices of Joel M. Chan be your source of legal information and advice at this difficult time. At our firm, you will find answers and direction.

Getting Answers

Naturally, you and your loved ones may be immersed in the mourning process for some time after the accidental death. You may need to organize a funeral and burial with very limited time to prepare as you might like to do for your loved one. At the same time, many questions, such as those mentioned above, demand answers.

Attorney Joel M. Chan understands that it can be hard to think about spending time with a lawyer during this poignant time. Just know that Mr. Chan is respectful and compassionate. Many clients find his personalized guidance useful from the start. He can begin an investigation quietly, behind the scenes, without disturbing your family gatherings. An initial consultation may be all that is needed to get the process underway.

If The Outlook Is Cloudy, A Plaintiff’s Lawyer Can Provide Much-Needed Support

Your loved one may have suffered very serious injuries in a truck accident or fall. Doctors may warn that time is likely short. Mr. Chan can help you review and apply powers of attorney, interpret a living will and advise you on the management of any legal process such as a living trust that may help you in practical ways, through an overwhelming situation.

To schedule a no-fee, no-obligation consultation with a local attorney after a close family member’s accidental death in the San Francisco area, call 415-741-2351 or send an email inquiry.

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