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Prepare For The Unexpected And Pave The Way Through A Living Trust

There is a saying that “nothing is certain in life except death and taxes.” This may be true, but this philosophy still leaves room for the thoughtful development of a legacy. When you think about how you want your family to continue to prosper in case you or your spouse experiences a sudden death, you may realize what a great difference estate planning can have on your family’s future.

Law Offices of Joel M. Chan is primarily a personal injury law firm. In this capacity, attorney Chan sees many families in critical life-or-death situations after someone has been hurt in an accident. He knows how much more smoothly someone’s time of incapacity or end of life can be for loved ones when a living trust and other estate planning documents are in place. He will explain how a living trust can give you peace of mind in a free, no-obligation consultation.

How To Transfer Your Property Someday Without Obstacles: Think Of The Possibilities

You may hope to make things easier for your beneficiaries when you die. Or perhaps you intend to leave bequests to charitable causes and you want to make your gift as effective as possible. When you establish a living trust, your assets, such as your home, vehicles and bank accounts, can belong to the trust. You can be the trustee and continue managing your assets while you are still living. You will also appoint a successor trustee to take over when the time comes, as follows:

  • If you become incompetent, your successor trustee will be able to manage financial matters for you without going to court to arrange for a conservatorship.
  • After you die, they can distribute your property to beneficiaries according to your wishes and avoid probate court.

There may be some tax advantages in addition to a smooth process of transition. For more information, consult with estate planning attorney Joel M. Chan in San Francisco.

Whether Your Health Is Fragile Or In Excellent Condition, It Is A Good Time To Strengthen Your Legacy

You may have been diagnosed with cancer. You may have suffered injuries in a serious car accident and your medical condition is fragile. Or you may be perfectly healthy. As long as you have the capacity to understand and sign legal documents, you can create a living trust.

Learn how we can help you create a living trust or complete trust administration duties as a trustee. Call CALL or send an email inquiry to the Law Offices of Joel M. Chan in San Francisco.

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